Telehealth in community nursing – a seminar at Leeds uni

Sensemaking and Telehealth: Examinig the Adoption and Normalisation of Remote Monitoring for Community Nursing is the title of a seminar to be held at the Universirty of Leeds next month discussing the role of telehealth in community nursing.

The presenter is Dr Jo Nicholson from the Rehabilitation and Assistive Research Group at the University of Sheffield. The seminar is on the 20th of February at noon and venue and other details are available at the University of Leeds Faculty of Education, Social Science and Law website here.

About Chrys Meewella

Chrys is an Electrical Engineer who has specialised in Telecommunications and has worked on developing telecare and telehealth solutions. Following his post-doctoral work at Imperial College Chrys joined Philips Research Labs and later worked for, amongst others, BT, O2 and NEC. Chrys is a Charted Engineer and is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and runs a consultancy business in telecommunications and IT.
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